Monday, 22 October 2012

3 Little Things

Good Tuesday Morning to you all!

I kind of fell under the weather and off the map over the last week and a half but now I'm bouncing back and no longer under the weather- I'm all over the weather!
I would describe myself as a Spring/Summer kind of gal normally but I "fall" more and more in love with Fall as the years tick by.
I love that crisp, clean smell the air gets as the temperature starts to dip, crunching through leaves the trees gave up overnight on my morning walk to school.... and planning and conspiring with Dallas about Halloween costumes.

This week's 3 Little Things are dedicated to all the Fall things that have helped this little lass return back to her former self this week....

1. Leaf Art

Big thanks to this blog post for giving me this incredible idea for using all those beautiful crunchy scattered leaves outside to decorate your inside.
Remember my last 3 Little Things I was wishing I could keep the leaves I'd gathered for my Kindie art class and use them at home? This idea was my perfect opportunity to return to our park and scavenge for the perfect sized and shaped leaves for the project.
I enjoy leaf hunting far more than I should and I must have looked a sight. I could see the thought bubbles appearing from every staring Koreans head..."Why is that alien stuffing dirty ground leaves into that Hello Kitty shopping bag??"

I had such fun painting these saturday evening and I think the end result turned out just swell.
If you guys want to try this at home here is a tip for you~ microwave your leaves for 30 seconds before painting them. This will preserve them and prevent them from going moldy ^^

2. Leaves as big as your face

I swear I never saw Autumn leaves this big growing up in England.
That can't be true. I think I just never noticed before. 
The older I get the more open my eyes have become nature's transformations throughout the seasons. 
And how truly beautiful they are.

3. Giant pumpkins
I found these monsters hanging out on the pavement around the corner from our apartment.
How bad did I want to pinch one and harvest a month's supply of pumpkin bread/muffins/ spiced lattes?
Really bad.
But I sufficed with a quick snap and a backwards glance as I continued my strolling.

What are your favorite things about Fall?
Do tell!

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  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better! Leaf art = cool idea and realllly beautiful. Could be a good project for our few holidays this week.
    Also - you're neither crazy nor unobservant... leaves just are grotesquely overgrown in Korea! I never ever saw one even half that size before living in Korea, nor have I seen one since. Well, maybe in Australia? But everything's bigger in Australia...!