Monday, 29 October 2012

Pocket Envelope Folder DIY

Morning campers,

Today's DIY was once more inspired by the Kawaii cute explosion that is Hello Sandwich, the Japanese based blog that was also responsible for this amazing string letter idea.

I am a self confessed ink and paper junkie and before I first departed for South K almost 3 years ago I asked a few of my closest friends to keep up our correspondence through snail mail. A tradition we have most valiantly stuck to and I cherish the mornings when my mailbox yields pretty envelopes with British stamps and postmarks on them. They're personal and romantic and something I can hold in my hand rather than keep saved in an inbox.

I also think it's a fun creative challenge to make something pretty my friends can pull out of the envelope and enjoy for longer than the time it takes to read an email and click close.

So, let's begin the crafty bit.
First, gather your supplies:

You will need:

1. A roll of card stock in your choice of color, I chose the traditional Manilla envelope color
2. Cute, bright colored envelopes in various sizes
3. Decorative string or twine
4. Vintage stamp stickers
5. Washi tape stickers

First, you will need to cut your card stock and measure off and fold your card stock to create the pocket envelope template.
My card stock was around 45cm in length, so I measured a short 5 cm fold (on the left)~ this would be  the lip of the envelope.
Next I measured 4 equal folds 10 cm apart. I had pre-measured my envelopes to make sure these folds were large enough to fit them.
When your folding, you should fold in a zig-zag type formation, like a map.

Next, grab your glue stick and attach your envelopes on to the folds in the card in any arrangement you want.

Decorate your pocket envelope folder with fun decorative tape, doodles, stickers and stamps.

Pop your cards, letters, trinkets, string letters or whatever you like into your pockets.

Fold up your pocket envelope and tie up with some decorative string or twine. 
You can embellish the outside with doily paper and vintage stamp stickers too if you like.

And your done~ just put this envelope in an envelope and give your friends something more beautiful and  exciting than a bill to look forward to from their post man's next visit.


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