Thursday, 1 November 2012

my daily cup.

Lately I'm loving these slow walks to the school bus in the mornings. Layered up snug against the first snaps of winter in the air, naked tree branches and naked fingers clutching my warm morning chai. Soon it will be time for gloves and hats, but I'm clinging tight to Fall's dying breathes for as long as I can.

Maybe it's the British in me but nothing revives me like being tucked or bundled up and sipping good, hot, strong tea. 
It's my go-to elixir for all my irks and ills: British tea perfect for waking up to with breakfast, spicy chai perfect for all occasions, green tea for my skin, chamomile for unwinding, Jasmine flower for digestion, sweet tea, bubble tea, oolong and darjeeling, tea tins and tea pots, mad hatters and owls in teacups. 

They don't call it a tea party for nothing!

Despite my love for observing the seasonal metamorphose, the changing temperatures have been playing havoc with my immune system and I'm up and down with colds and flus more this year than ever in my life.

Although it's miserable it is a perfect excuse to indulge in my tea addiction. Ginger Lemon Honey tea was a discovery I sampled first in India where the dust and pollution meant sore throats were often afoot. This cure all magic remedy was always the perfect antidote to head congestion and I've been reaching for the fresh ginger during my weekly grocery shop. 

Ginger roots are my absolute favorite. So dirty and misshapen, but truly delightful when peeled and used as an ingredient. 

To make:
Slice about an inch of peeled fresh ginger and leave to steep in a little boiled water for about 5 minutes.
Add a tablespoon of honey and a squeeze and a slice of lemon.
Fill cup with more hot water.
Stir and drink.


Being sick forces us to take solace in the smallest of comforts. Mine are drinking my revival cups of tea and the promise of a cosy weekend with my Dallas.

Are you in camp tea or camp coffee?

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