Thursday, 3 January 2013

3 little things

One week.Three tiny joys.

1. Winter skin-savers
This Siberian winter we are experiencing in Korea right now is causing havoc with my skin. 
Constantly hopping in and out between freezing cold outside and central heated inside has left my skin dry, cracked and sore.
 I've been relying heavily on my iHerb all natural skin goodies to inject some much needed moisture back into my dear poor skin. Not only do their products smell heavenly, they really do the job well.

2. Late Christmas parcels
Dallas and I ordered our gifts for each other online this year and both of us left it a bit too late in the game to have them delivered on time for Christmas day. 
It really took the sting out of my first day back at work after winter vacation to find a lovely Free People package waiting for me harboring inside the purse and wallet I've been coveting for the longest time ^^

3. New books
This one was a little Christmas treat for myself. 'The Blue Tattoo' by Margot Mifflin tells the true story of Olive Oatman who in 1852 was only 13 when she was captured by Indians and  indoctrined over ten years into their way of life, eventually living as a white Indian with a skin tattoo on her face.
As soon as I read the synopsis of this story I went straight online to order myself a copy.
I can't wait to get stuck into this one!


  1. Hi Louise,

    I just wanted to let you know that I left you something on my blog:

    Thanks for creating such a wonderful blog and I hope you enjoy your award :)


  2. Well gosh! What a lovely surprise o wake up to on a grim & snowy saturday morning!
    Thank you so much Andrea! xx