Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Reading // 

I've made a start on the Diary of Anaïs Nin~ she is a forever muse of mine and a master at documenting her inner mind and dreams.
Also, so beautiful.

 Planning //

After being bewitched by Beach House playing live in Seoul this month, my heart leaped in to my mouth when I learned Sigur Ros will play Korea in May.
I die!
Their album Takk still stirs me in deep and hidden places when I listen to it, I can't imagine what hearing Jonsi's voice live will do. I plan to find out though.


'The Imposter'~ one of the most compelling and gut wrenching documentaries I have seen since 'Catfish'.
This is a real life mystery/thriller which left my jaw just dangling open. 
This is a story you're going to want to hear.

 Eating //

Salty and sweet home-baked Nutella-stuffed chocolate chip and sea salt cookies.
There's a party in my mouth and you're all invited. 
Find the recipe here.

 Writing // 

Stacks and stacks of snail mail. Mail to friends, mail to readers, mail to new-found blogging pals...
In my element.

 Listening // 

Dallas has been playing the new Foxygen album 'We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic' non-stop on Spotify and I've been bee-bop-a-loo-whoppin' along.
 Loving them.
foxygen by louloubelle on Grooveshark

 Learning // 

That to willingly start un-believing in something you unequivocally, irrevocably and invariably believed to be true is one of the worst processes a mind can be put through.

(Thanks to Danielle for this "Currently" list inspiration ^^)


  1. Beach House... Sigur Ros in the future... nutella stuffed cookies... good lord, woman! It's a good life you're living!!

    Totally realized that I'd never seen a pic of Anaïs Nin before. She's stunning! Actually you guys look a little bit alike...

    1. That's a whopping great lie Ash... But I'll take it, haha!

  2. I'll have to check out Miss Nin. And those cookies too. I believe they're floating around my Pinterest board already...

    Also, let's be penpals? Okay, good.

    xoxo Jess
    Foreign Room

  3. THOSE COOKIES!!! They sound AMAZING.

    1. They certainly were, I've already scarfed the whole batch..whoops!

  4. Such an inspirational blog. I adore it. LOVE LOVE LOVE. x

  5. That album looks pretty interesting! i will definitely give it a listen! And Sigur Ros?! How lucky you are!

    1. I'm STOKED for Sigur Ros! I never thought I would hear them live, especially out here in Korea ^^