Thursday, 17 January 2013

fortunes be told

I stepped out last night with my beautiful Korean co-workers for a night of delicious gogi followed by a ten dollar Fortune Telling.
This was my first reading and like many firsts I was quite nervous and it hurt just a little.
There was this moment after she made me split the pack three times and select seven cards...
I'm not familiar with all of the cards meanings but when you see two devils staring up at you you just know it aint good! 
I was more than a little spooked by how accurately she described a certain situation in my life without asking me a thing except my age~ she just looked at the cards and talked a whole lot of sense.
I wouldn't say I'm now an affirmed believer but it kind of fascinated and bewitched me, the whole ritual of it. And the cards are beautiful.
 My reading wasn't all doom and gloom and I actually found the whole experience very reassuring, it forced me to acknowledge a few dancing pink elephants that I've been ignoring for too long.
Do you believe in Tarot or think it's all a bunch of hocus pocus? 
I'd love to hear your opinions!


  1. I do not believe in it but I think it is a lot of fun! also, you have an amazing blog - so glad I stumbled upon it! excited to follow!


    you can find mine at . . .

    1. Thank you so much Saralyn~ I love your blog too, so many pretty things!!

  2. Since the Tarot readings I've given to myself and my friends have usually been accurate, it's a bit hard for me not to believe in it. I think it's really dependent upon the deck of cards you use and the person giving the reader. There are some decks that I'm less receptive to, it affects the quality of the reading as a result. But as you said, it can be used a great tool for personal growth. (:

    1. I'll definitely be going back for more readings in the future so it struck a cord with me for sure. I was very intrigued by the whole experience!

      Thanks for your comment!

    2. My pleasure and thanks for posting! (:

  3. I didn't think I believe in Tarot, but it turns out that I actually kind of do! I got my own cards this summer, and I feel like even if it has nothing mystical and tied-to-the-universe-ish about it, reading the cards for yourself is such an excellent self analysis. Healthy.

    I'm super envious that your coworkers helped you rock the roadside fortune-telling stands!

    Whatever the cards may have said, I know you have a beautiful outlook on life and do everything you can to see the positive... that goes pretty far, I'd say!


    1. Oooh really! I was eyeing up the tarot decks they had for sale and almost enquired about the price because the cards themselves are so beautiful if nothing else. Have you been teaching yourself how to read them? I think there are so many meaning s and combinations to learn it makes my head hurt just thinking about it! You'll have to give me a reading if you make it back to Korea ~.^