Monday, 14 January 2013

doing the cold winter hustle

There's something about this deep winter freeze that's prodding my primal instincts like a stick.
These January days are so short and bittersweet.
 We walk to and fro from school, doing the cold winter hustle, under a purple sky and yellow moon.
This lack of sunlight has paled my skin to vampish white~
I'm reaching for blacks and woolens when I dress; using them like a fur against the elements.
My sleep is deep and motionless,
making it so so hard to unfurl myself out of these cozy hibernation blankets when my eyes first open.

I've been squirreling away my winter food stores, except that instead of acorns and berries, it's those leftover chocolate pennies from Christmas.

I love to tree-watch in that morning twilight- loving on the way a few stubborn leaves still cling to their mother branches.

Everything about this season is a little magic and hazy, slightly stoned and mystical.
It's a fitting time to have my fortune told this Friday.

I'm happy to bask in the moon light and wear this winter skin...

...until spring reappears and I shrug it off like a snake...


  1. I love how eerie looking that tree is!

    1. Me too!! I love how gothic the trees look in Winter till they put their prom dresses back on for Spring ^^

  2. Beautiful writing, I think its one of the best descriptions of winter I've ever read! (I don't recall any other right now, but I mean it!)

    1. gosh!! I'm sure there are a thousand better but thanks so much for the compliment ^o^ xx

  3. A really gorgeous piece, my dear. I've read it twice already and I'll surely head back for more. :)
    I'd kind of forgotten how easy it is to sleep super-deeply when the air is cold and the covers are warm. I really miss building a little nest out of blankets and comforters for PIC and I to snuggle into!
    Hope that you and Dallas are keeping nice and warm! xx

    1. Thank you so much sweet Ashley! Yes, one of these days I'll probably turn the apartment into a mini blanket fort just to keep us extra warm. And you know, cuz it would be fun ^.~