Thursday, 8 November 2012

3 little things

This week was peppered with promises of yet another seasonal change. Where are you running to Autumn?
Your visit was short and so so sweet but now I smell Winter snapping at your heels.
Lately we've had quiet rainfall and clean white mists fogging our town and the warm whisper of a festive holiday is slowly coming into focus on the horizon.

Here are 3 cozy comforts I have enjoyed this week:

1. Overnight Oats

This breakfast I cannot get enough of. 
Even though it's clearly time to be heating my oats to warm myself on these chilly November mornings I am still stuck on this quick fix of oats soaked overnight in a jar in whatever you prefer~ you can add yoghurt, soy milk, chai milk tea~ they all work just fine!
Above are some of my favorite toppings I like to add before pouring over my milk and giving it a good shake.

2. Succulents so succulent

My Mother has been patiently watching my thumbs for the past 29 years.
Year after year she has been disappointed at their lack of greenness.
She is an avid gardner and I think she always hoped I would develop a love of gardening too.
Not until I successfully began my mini herb garden on our window ledge this year have I ever had the slightest inclination toward making things grow.
Now I'm hooked.
I scooped up these pretty little succulents and cute carrot top cactus at our local Homeplus recently and when my Mum asked what I want sent over for Christmas this year I asked for a packet of seeds for any kind of plant that will grow during the winter.
I can feel her smile all the way from Ireland.

3. Studio Ghibli

You know it's real love when your boyfriend indulges you in your fondness for watching Japanese Anime movies on a Sunday morning. It's an even truer love when he ends up loving them just as much as you do.
Last Sunday we bundled under the covers and watched Princess Mononoke but my absolute favorite of the Studio Ghibli back catalog is My Neighbor Totoro.
This movie is so beautiful, charming, magical and poetic, it leaves my heart so full every single time.

Happy November ^^

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  1. I've never heard of overnight oats before, but now I'm pretty sure they're something that has to happen! Looks like a lovely start to an autumn morning in Seoul.