Thursday, 15 November 2012

3 little things

These dark mornings are making it harder and harder to escape my warm bed and hit the cold bathroom.
Dark evenings after work make it even harder to pull on my yoga gear when I get home and set out into the cold again to go to class.
There's a cold SNAP in the air fitting to bite my glove-less fingers off if I don't buy a pair of mitts soon and the fog of my breathe in the chill air is telling me Old Man Winter is out to play.
 Thank goodness for some festive and seasonal goodness this week to add a little cheer to the Winter chill.

                                                            1. Birthday Fiesta

Margaritas on a week night? Don't mind if I do.
As a birthday treat I took Dallas out to the expensive Mexican restaurant we always drool at on our way past to the movie theater but have always been driven clear of because of the prices.
We feasted on steak tacos and enchiladas, discussed new plans and schemes ahead and toasted our future.

2. Fancy Cocoa 

As a birthday gift one of Dallas's sweet students gave him these two lovely tins of Cocoa.
He's not the biggest fan of chocolate drinks but someone we all know loves nothing more than sugaring herself  up and warming her hands around a mug of floaty marshmallow hot chocolate ^^

3. Early Christmas presents 

These sweet Christmas parcels arrived this week for Dallas and myself from my parents.
I hadn't given Christmas present shopping a lick of thought until these arrived, and now I'm itching to write cards and wrap small gifts in brown paper and twine.
Christmas schemings are giving me a warm feeling through this icy weather. This one will be Dallas and I's first living together and thoughts of a mini Christmas tree and roasting potatoes and a Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack in our tiny little apartment are giving me a fuzzy feeling all over ^^

I hope there were 3 little joys to warm up your week.
Happiest of Friday's friends x 

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