Monday, 19 November 2012

in a pinch christmas card DIY

Last night was dedicated to all things christmas card making and I have the white scissor marks on my fingers and tiny scraps of colored paper over the floor to prove it!
It finally clicked in my brain that November is somehow inexplicably halfway over and the season to be jolly is almost upon us.

This quick and easy card and envelope DIY is perfect for those in a penny pinch (like me) who also want to create a more personalized card for their loved ones.

The supplies are minimial:
~ card stock
~ scissors
~ gold star stickers
~ decorative masking tape (you can also use ribbon or cut up bits of wrapping/magazine paper)

First step is to fold your card stock in half to make the card template.
Cut a trunk shape out of light brown paper and glue to the front of your card.

Start cutting and sticking your decorative tape in a diagonal shape and taper them upward to the top of  your tree trunk.
Sip on hot cocoa and marshmallows all the while to really set the tone ~.^
Finally, top your christmas tree with a festive gold star.

I also made little hand-sewn envelopes to place my cards in ^^
These are so simple to make~ Cut two equal sized squares of brown paper and stitch around three corners of them using brown thread, leaving the fourth corner open to create a pocket to slip your card inside.

There you have it! Charming little homemade Christmas cards on the fly for a gal in a pinch.

Now, to the shopping!


  1. I'm loving that patterned tape! Why oh why didn't I stock up on it while I was there?! My kingdom for an afternoon in a Korean stationery shop... Kosney, I'm coming back for you!

    Loving this cutie card idea, Lou - not to mention your delightful envelope! Perfect.

    1. Thank you lady dear! Did you get a postal address sorted yet? I'd love to send you a card^^

    2. I can't even tell you how much I would looooove (love) one of your gorgeous, heartfelt, homemade cards of joy... alas, the latest attempts by people at home to mail me happy things have resulted in MIA packages. My hot cereal and quinoa is floating around S.E.A. somewhere, I'm sure... just not here.

      Thank you for the beautiful thought! I have a feeling that we'd be brilliant paper-penpals someday - it just seems that it's not meant to be a the moment. Boooo.

      On the plus side: Friday! Happy Friday, Lou! :)