Monday, 26 November 2012

my first thanksgiving

Saturday night Dallas and I hosted our very first Thanksgiving Pot Luck Feast in our wee tiny apartment.

 It was my first Thanksgiving Feast period and  it suited me to a tee that it was a ram-shambled and Tupperware tabled, beer in mug cups kind of affair! I didn't take a single shot of these photos from the night; my camera ended up floating around the room and into the hands of anyone who cared to take a snap of what was going on around them. I kind of love that they are a little, soft-focused and blurry and skewed~ a fine representation of the party itself!

All our guests brought over a medley of delicious dishes and I fell in love with the Southern-style cooking our sweet friends from Tennessee brought to the table: corn bread and green bean casserole. Delightful!

There was also mac and cheese and bread rolls, roisterer chickens and stuffing and gravy, oh my!
And a random pineapple on the table. Because, why not?
Holiday dinner never looked or tasted better, proven by the quiet hush that descended over the group as everyone piled into their plates.
There was lots of "mmm" and "ahhhs" and "can I get the recipe's?", second and third helpings and re-filling of glasses.

We sipped delicious citrus and spiced mulled wine and were sedated by White Supremacist cocktails (a tongue in cheek concoction created by our friend Angelo), got dizzy with beer and spangled with white wine.

There was bundles of friendship and bonding and love going on under our roof that night that lasted until way after dawn and that was a happy and thankful thing.

Three cheers for Thanksgiving, my new adopted holiday! ^^


  1. I'm enjoying the one of you having a tab out the window and VERY jealous you had homemade mac and cheese! Ahh maaaan! Hope you had fun xxx