Sunday, 4 November 2012

monday morning ear candy

Hands up if your in South Korea and over the rain.
I know I am.

Yesterday the almost supernaturally strong Autumn sun must have caught the message her moment on stage is almost done, caught a bout of depression and became weepy.
 She called in her band of rain clouds to join in on her pity party. Then the breeze caught wind of the brewing tempest and chimed in to rattle the leaves around menacingly over the puddle grey land.

 This Monday morning~ the sun is still sulking and the heavens are still open. I dodged raindrops all the way to work without my forgotten umbrella.

Sombre weather calls for a fitting soundtrack. I put this playlist together last night full of some of my favorite songs with cold sounds and eerie moods to suit our skies current melancholia

Press play, sip your hot morning tea or coffee, look at the rain through your window, be haunted with sound and breathe, reflect.

Cheer up Autumn sun~ There is always tomorrow. 

                                              ear candy 3 by louloubelle on Grooveshark

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