Thursday, 8 November 2012

paper favors// a smile for free

It was during one of my late night rabbit-hole blog browsing sessions this week that I happened upon this post by Hula Seventy and bless my moon and stars if it didn't make me almost drop off my seat and make my soul glow sunshine-bright through the smile on my face.

The concept is so simple and pure hearted. 
Write down kind words, encouragements and affirmations on little pieces of paper and leave them littered over your neighborhood for random strangers to find, read, and smile at.

Since there is a close to 100% chance the discoverers of my notes would be Korean I wrote my messages in Hangul and set out on a guerrilla-art style mission on my way to work this morning.

Since I always have at least ten pairs of eyes watching me whenever I go outside anyway because I am a foreigner the execution of slipping these notes into conspicuous spaces and then photographing them was no easy feat!

I suspect these paper favors were lifted and curiously examined while I was still walking distance away from setting them down!

But if they managed to raise a smile from their reader then my mission was complete.

"You look pretty"
"There is beauty in you"
"Read me"//"You are special"

"Smile! Today will be wonderful"

I intend to walk this route home after school finishes today and see if these little fortunes were found or not. Even if they are still in place, as Andrea put it in her blog, "the act of doing was enough".

I hope you find something that makes you smile today!


  1. Made me smile AND made me decide that Phnom Penh might like an extra smile here or there too...

    Your notes are sweet and your Hangul is so much neater than mine ever was!

    1. Yes! We'll start a paper smile revolution ~.^

  2. Did you check to see if anyone took them?! I'm so curious about how the people in your neighborhood reacted! ^^

    1. They were all gone ^^

      Wether the wind took them, a stooping ajumma or by someone who really needed to be told they were pretty that day I will never know. But that's all part of the fun ~.^