Monday, 12 November 2012

rolling with the changes

I love this little windowsill snap of my herbs reaching up towards the dying glow of November's sun..

It tells a story of a sunny saturday spent alone in the apartment, just myself and my thoughts, basking in the silence and taking in all of the changes around me, little and big. 

Like my upward growing plants, this new and wintery month of ours and its shape-shifting weather, the end of an old semester and the start of a new, how quickly the warm breath of summer turned to the cold lick of november and how I'm quietly tucking away my skirts and short sleeves to make room for warm woolens.

Looking back on the past 6 months I can count the changes each one of them have brought to my life. Some of them bad and most of them good; the heart-tugging good-byes and the soul-filling reunions. The challenges at work and the summer and birthdays and friends and the thrill of sharing my life completely with someone for the very first time.

Looking ahead I see more changing plans, different jobs and new countries and roads yet to travel,.
Sometimes I think my life is so full of change, I never know which tune I'll be dancing to next....and I wish for a crystal ball to see where  it will all lead.

But saturday gave me a quiet tap on the shoulder and told me to just keep rolling with all of these changes, to keep on tapping my toes to whichever track is next,  throw caution to the wind and embrace all of life's curve balls. Little and big.

Caution's for the birds.
Here's to change.

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