Sunday, 18 November 2012

monday morning ear candy

When I left the apartment to run some errands early yesterday evening I couldn't stop my eyes from travelling upward and admiring the naked tree branches... so artful and pretty against the changing colors of the twilight sky. 
Yellow gingko leaves and brown korean maple are raining down like tawny confetti on the daily and soon they will leave their mothers completely bare until spring arrives in March.
There's something about nude tree branches, stark and naked, brown and twisted and gothic looking.

We're in for a long winter~ I hated the winter last year in Korea but I was living alone and 3 hours away from Dallas then. This year will be different. We're hosting my very first Thanksgiving dinner this weekend which I'm far more excited about than I should be.

This saturday was Dallas's birthday party and it was a hoot. lot's of catching up with dear friends and belly laughing and sore heads the next day.
I woke up with a touch of the Monday's this morning.
Perhaps this track-list will cheer up those of you who are also wishing it was friday again ~.^


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