Tuesday, 13 November 2012

birthday happy

                                                   Go Out All Night by Givers on Grooveshark

Today my Dallas turns 32 and I feel like the luckiest girl in town to be the one to share it with him.
I plan on sharing as many more with him as he'll have me!

This is my absolute favorite shot of the two of us~ lost in a moment at a music festival. It was taken by our good friend and photographer Angelo who scares me sometimes with his preternatural ability to snap and capture the pure essence of brief instances in time.

In this instance he caught the fleeting flash of a stolen kiss. Two people in the midst of music and love. That was a great night.

Our story is one of fate and perfect and terrible timing all rolled into one...lot's of rushes of feeling and hurt and healing and most of all love. Our love has carried us through almost three years of the highest highs and a couple of lows but I feel like we're at the best place now we have ever been.

This guy has changed me and encouraged me and had a Saint's patience with me in so many different ways.

He can light up any room with his charisma and can tell a good story like no other.
He does the worst British accent you will ever care to hear and you never want to see his body pop arm wave move!
He shares my love of quirky things, nerdy cartoons, eclectic music and a good rainy day indoors reading .

His love for his family and his friends knows no bounds. And boy is there a lot of room in his big ol' heart for love. 
I'm so happy that there was a little space in there for me too.

Happy birthday love.
Till next year.


  1. Sweetest post ever! Sounds like you two are a magical couple. Happy birthday to the cool cat who makes one of my fave bloggy-friends so very happy!

    1. You are a sweetheart! thank you so much dear ~ xx