Wednesday, 2 January 2013

handwritten + lovely

Most of you by now will be aware of my love affair with the written word.
I'm hooked on the thrill of spying a pretty hand-lettered envelope in my mail-box, the buzz of checking the stamp and postmark and guessing who it might be from. 
Who doesn't love unfolding page upon page of pretty folded paper and nuzzling down in a cozy spot to read words that were written with love, care and intention while sipping a cup of hot tea?
It makes me so sad to think that in this age of texts, emails and Skype that snail mail is a dying form of communication. That my children or grand-children may live in a world where letter writing is a forgotten art.
I get such a kick out of writing letters to friends and pen-pals and using it as an excuse to push my creativity and deliver to them something  they can not only smile at while reading but maybe pin on their fridge or keep in a keepsake box forever.

And how about you reader? Do you enjoy snail mail and mail art?
Do you like keeping up with old friends through letters or have pen-pals you have never even met?
I have found a wealth of lovely bloggers online who encourage their readers to strike up a written correspondence with them.
To name but a few:

And now, me!
I would love to swap letters or packages with anyone who is a snail mail junkie like myself!
If you're interested in sending/receiving handwritten + lovely  letters contact me on
 tremblingstarz (at) gmail (dot) com



  1. Oh my goodness I would totally love to receive your amazing snail mail letters. I would be a terrible pen pal though because I'm not very artistic and I rarely have time to write once school starts :(

    1. haha! Well feel free to send me your address anyway Andrea >.<

  2. Oh thank you for naming me! :D I will definitely send you an e-mail some time :) xo

    1. My pleasure Dorien~ I was so excited when I saw your Snail Mail feature! ^.^

  3. I'm a letter lover, paper obsessed blogger too! My goal for this year is to include some of that on my blog more! I love this post! I just found your blog and adore it!
    I followed you on bloglovin but I'd love to read your post through GFC but I didn't see it on your page. looking forward to reading :D

    Your Newest Follower,

    1. Hi Hannah! Thank you so so much for your lovely comment! If you want to swap snail mail this year feel free to email me your address any time >.<
      My GFC widgety thing is on my right side bar below the ads >>
      I also added you~ you have some breathtaking photography in your most recent post, wow!
      So nice to meet you xx